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We offer:

Sustaining Team Resiliency and Focus

Cultural competency and psychological safety

Anti-bullying practices managing bullying and discriminatory behaviour.  As well as focus on responding in difficult and complex   environments

ADHD assessment and diagnosis for Clinicians.


ADHD assessment and diagnosis for Clinicians- Organisations

Our programme is two days in length and registered with the CPD Service. There is the opportunity to practice assessments and ADHD interviewing and scoring skills with a real case study.


The first day looks at the developmental trajectory of ADHD across the lifespan;  its neurodevelopment and psychosocial presentation. This foundational understanding facilitates further understanding of assessing the core features of ADHD and differentiating comorbid conditions as well as impairment and decreased functioning. As you work with young people, we would emphasise the process of diagnosing and treatment needs in this population.


Day two looks at pitfalls and challenges and the management of comorbidity. We delve into case studies and practice. We also look at medication as a treatment only to the extent to understand how it works and the experiences young people may have while on medication.


The treatment segment in our two-day programme is not in-depth. We have an advanced course that train clinician in CBT for ADHD, the treatment of ADHD and comorbid mood disorders and other neurodevelopmental disorders and well as Coaching for ADHD. We can share more information on this if this is of interest. Our psychiatrists complete training for prescribing clinicians as an option as well although this may not be relevant in your case.


Please let us know if you would like to talk this through further with our training clinicians to share further information about your training needs. We train teams at a minimum number of 10 per team.


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