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Counselling & Psychotherapy

What to expect

Minds in Session provides counselling and therapy for both individuals and groups. 


Management of Racial Trauma

Coaching for individuals with a diagnosis of Autism and/or ADHD

Therapeutic groups for victims and survivors of workplace bullying

Educational and support group for Allys

•    Counselling, Psychotherapy and Critical Incident Stress Debriefings
•    Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy
•    Group Counselling and Psychotherapy
•    Critical Incident Stress Debriefings, Trauma Counselling and Psychotherapy for Groups

Services include:


Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy

The primary aim of individual therapy is helping a person increase their understanding of their thoughts and behaviour patterns. By doing so, they improve function and wellbeing in their lives. People learn to manage stress more effectively, untangle interpersonal difficulties and navigate troubling situations. Many develop greater abilities to make healthy choices and decisions and set and achieve objectives for their future. 

Sometimes, counselling and psychotherapy are adjuncts to support depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, PTSD or other mental health issues. An assessment by a psychologist can determine if Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy could be effective. 


Group Counselling and Psychotherapy

Group counselling and psychotherapy have many of the same goals as individual treatment, but clients with similar issues work together with specialist therapists.

Group work often follows intensive individual therapy or is recommended to overcome group situations like family conflicts or corporate teamwork barriers.

Working in a group with an expert from Minds in Session, individuals enhance social functioning skills through purposeful experiences in the group to cope more effectively with outside issues. 


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