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Global Corporate
Wellbeing Services

Minds in Session work with your teams to manage their mental health, wellbeing and to create a psychologically safe place to work. Psychological Safety in the workplace is now the priority of most organisations that seek to motivate staff and increase performance.

We work with organisations advising on tools and techniques to get increased efficiency and morale through equity and diverse teams. Minds in Session provides coaching, consultation services to analyse and improve your organisation’s wellbeing, performance and psychological safety. Our specialist intervention services address issues of inequality, discrimination, workplace bullying, and we look at areas of strength that can be utilised to increase psychological safety in your organisation


Set your organisation apart with corporate wellbeing services

Partnering with Minds in Session for corporate wellness tools and advice helps attract and retain top talent, showing a firm commitment to the wellbeing of all of your employees. Specific services assess and advise on neurodiverse employee populations. We facilitate difficult conversations in the workplace among leadership and staff.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional insights, advice, and tools for outstanding results has earned us a reputation as a respected member of the corporate wellbeing industry. Fulfill your ethical and legal responsibility to ensure your employees’ psychological safety and wellbeing with Minds in Session.

We take corporate wellbeing seriously, and we understand how investing in your employees’ mental health and wellbeing is both the right thing to do and an excellent business decision. Your diverse workforce needs customised solutions to motivate and increase performance.

We will advise you with effective, insightful tools and techniques for increased efficiency, engagement and morale. Packages from Minds in Session fit the needs of wellbeing issues wherever businesses are in the world. We are skilled in global cultural competencies and promote wellbeing to fit your company’s culture.

Our highly trained practitioners deliver services with the utmost professionalism, ensuring your company’s bespoke wellness services meet your employees’ needs.

At Minds in Session, we are dedicated to helping your organisation become a leader in your industry for employee mental health and wellbeing. 

Corporate Mental Health & Wellbeing

Workplace mental health wellbeing supports every aspect of working life, how employees feel about their work, capabilities, their work environment, the organisational culture and structure.

Corporate wellness is essential to prioritise employee health and wellbeing. Companies improve morale, reduce absenteeism, and increase productivity with additional insight into the right wellness services. 

Customised corporate wellness advice from Minds in Session helps develop a positive work culture to emphasise the importance of mental health and wellbeing, leading to a healthier, happier, and more engaged workforce. As a result, teamwork improves, and productivity climbs. 


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