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Child ADHD Assessment

What to expect

Our diagnostic process is NICE compliant and relies on a professional team approach. Parents receive a full report that includes management strategies for home and at school whether or not an ADHD diagnosis is given. 

Pre-assessment pack

This information is important to allow us to gather as much information as possible about your child’s development, and the concerns that have led to seeking an assessment. A second pack is sent to your child’s school as this allows us to gain perspective from the people who spend the most time with the child: parents and teachers.

Clinical interview with a parent or carer and the child 

The ADHD Child Evaluation (ACE) developed by Dr Susan Young is a clinical interview covering symptoms relevant to ADHD. It is administered to parents or carers, and may also include where possible of the child or young person. 

We also use the full range of Russell Barkley assessment tools as needed. Our assessments are comprehensive and individualised for each of our service users.


Feedback and the written report 

The clinician who administered the ACE will then interpret the information from the pre-assessment pack and the cognitive assessment to form a diagnostic outcome. The outcome will be shared with you during a feedback appointment. Following the feedback appointment, you will receive a report of the assessment, along with conclusion and recommendations. We provide follow up appointments to discuss strategies for behaviour, sleep, organisational skills and about friendships.


Cognitive assessment (if needed)

A cognitive assessment provides information on performance, cognitive abilities, specific areas of strengths and weakness as well as also provide information about learning needs and environmental factors that should be considered at home and at school. 


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