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Adult ADHD Assessment

What to expect

Our diagnostic process is NICE compliant and done by a professional and team of ADHD specialists. If you would like to discuss the option of medication following a diagnosis, our Adult Psychiatrist is available. 


Clinical interview (ACE+) 

The ACE+ developed by Dr Susan Young is an interview completed with you and the assessor. You can bring a trusted friend or partner with you to your assessment. 

In the absence of someone who can discuss whether your symptoms were present during childhood, sharing additional documents such as school reports or job performance reviews can help us understand the perspective of others who know you.

We utilise the full range of Russell Barkley ADHD assessment tools and provide you with a comprehensive well thought through assessment and experience.


Pre-assessment pack

You will receive a pre-assessment that provides us with necessary information for your assessment and diagnostic process. We ask you to ask someone who has known you a long time (preferably a parent, but this could also be a sibling, long-time friend, partner, or employer) to also ask some questions about you. This is to give us a full picture of you. The questions relate to your early development, educational and work history as well as how you are generally every day.

Feedback and written report

All of the information from the pre-assessment, ACE+ interview and other reports will be gathered together, discussed with our team of experts and a diagnostic is made. This will be discussed during your feedback appointment, where you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have.

If diagnosis of ADHD is not made, we offer suggestions and recommendations  about what your next steps may be. 


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