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About Minds in Session

Organisations now access new cultures, technology, innovation, and talent through international recruiting. Minds in Session supports global impact, change and growth with a unique approach to equity, diversity and inclusion in psychologically safe ways.

By creating psychological safety in our client organisations, we go well beyond making people feel comfortable at work.


Our Services

Minds in Session offers a psychological approach to inclusivity and  wellbeing through consultancy services. 

Our range of services fosters diversity and inclusivity to transform leadership and significantly impact team effectiveness, learning, employee retention, decision-making and overall performance.

We tap into a combination of proven techniques to consistently build psychological safety since it is a key predictor of team performance. Social psychologists and neuroscientists have found a growth in psychological safety also contributes to improved employee health outcomes, reducing staff sickness absences.

Our specialties include:

Our Approach

With our experience working with clients across industries, we have a best practice framework to facilitate change and provide professional, reliable, bespoke services. The framework is rooted in psychology, neuroscience, and cognitive behavioural change practices.

We enable organisations to cultivate a culture of sustainable high performance. Minds in Session works in partnership with your organisation to fully understand the context, needs of your organisation, people, strategy and goals. We design and lead new and existing leadership development in mental health and psychological safety. We help manage organisational change, utilising workforce skills and talents and identifying gaps in communication.

Taking emotion away from work processes does not increase engagement, drive customer satisfaction or build high performance. Developing psychological safety in the workplace does.

Minds in Session implements workplace results to prevent burnout, increase wellbeing, and support a sense of belonging, leading to higher employee retention and enhanced employment brandWe provide extensive support to ensure leaders work deliberately to build psychological safety with consistent processes.

At Minds in Session, we are dedicated to helping your organisation become a leader in your industry for employee wellbeing and a culture of psychological safety. 


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